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Dallas – A Vicious Cycle

August 24, 2016

This past Thursday night we were all confronted by the horrifying vortex of death surrounding the latest iteration of what threatens to become an ever increasing downward spiral of mayhem which seems to have our nation in its grips. As everyone now knows, five Dallas police officers were shot dead and seven wounded protecting a … Continue reading “Dallas – A Vicious Cycle”

Requiem for Orlando

August 21, 2016

With mingled emotions of horror, sadness, and thoughts of “not again,” as I followed the unfolding news reports of the hate driven massacre at Pulse I kept wondering what it will take to get us to understand that God is not a God of hate. Instead God is a God of love whose constant effort … Continue reading “Requiem for Orlando”

Reminders of What Makes the American Family Great

August 5, 2016

It is not the color of our skins or how we worship that makes us Americans. It is an abiding belief in this country of ours, what it stands for, and what we are willing to do, to sacrifice, in order to uphold its values and greatness that makes us true Americans. John F. Kennedy … Continue reading “Reminders of What Makes the American Family Great”