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Janet Reno: A Life of Giving

December 19, 2016

I recently had the privilege of attending the memorial service for my great friend, Janet Reno.  It was a wonderfully powerful and moving celebration of a generous life featuring a host of stellar speakers, which included President Bill Clinton, US Attorney General Loretta Lynch, former ABA and FSU President Sandy D’Alemberte and Janet’s sister, Maggy … Continue reading “Janet Reno: A Life of Giving”

Finding Common Ground

December 1, 2016

Our nation is currently going through an apparent crisis of division with Americans split into two diametrically opposed camps. Each group has seemly backed itself into a corner shouting, “my way or the highway,” as they refuse to listen to what’s being shouted back. Unfortunately, this has happened before. The national discords that spawned our … Continue reading “Finding Common Ground”