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God Is

November 1, 2019

A funny thing happened on the road to maturity. I encountered God’s silent voice. Without a word, God let me know that He wasn’t my servant and to stop thinking He was some sort of jinni in a lamp which, if I rubbed hard enough, I could compel to grant my wishes and prayers.

All God’s sign posts along the way had been telling me that instead He was my teacher in the school of life. But all too often while racing down life’s expressways, I flashed past those billboards and tuned them out like they were shaving cream ads or lawyers’ commercials.

Then, as if I’d seen a highway patrolman’s flashing lights ahead, I let up on life’s accelerator and my high-speed focus on the asphalt’s center line to slow down. I then began to see the real world around me and the landscape of my existence along with God’s impact on it all. In essence, God was telling me to pullover and drop a line into the waters that flowed by my route.

But what was I supposed to catch? Then it hit me that there was a good reason it was called fishing, not catching, and that God would decide what I’d catch.

Well, what I caught was a book to write. A book that became God Is, which was just published. It’s a different journey through time, history, science and human nature, exploring the facts that in conjunction demonstrate God’s existence. It suggests what our relationship with God and one another is and ought to be, as opposed to what demanders, doubters and deniers insist on it being.

As my friend Dave Barry wrote in support of God Is:

Alan Greer makes the case – sweeping and impassioned, for the existence of a benevolent God. As a longtime atheist, I was challenged by his arguments and intrigued by his conclusions, which carry profound implications for the future of humanity.

The book bridges the divides between science and religion, human history, the evolution of man and God’s plan. It lays out a thorough argument to demonstrate the existence of God within the constructs of modern science and the history of the universe, beginning with the Big Bang.

I hope that for at least a moment each of you will set aside whatever your preconceptions are and take a chance on reading it. You can find it on Amazon.

I, for one, will be deeply gratified if you do.