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About the Book

“In God Is, Alan Greer makes the case — sweeping and impassioned, for the existence of a benevolent God. As a longtime atheist, I was challenged by his arguments and intrigued by his conclusions, which carry profound implications for the future of humanity.”
— Dave Barry

God Is is a journey through time, history, and science exploring the facts that suggest what our relationship with God and each other is and ought to be as opposed to what demanders, doubters, and deniers insist on it being. Alan Greer bridges the divide between science and religion, the evolution of man and God’s plan. He lays out a thorough argument to proved the existence of God within the constructs of modern science and the history of the universe, beginning with the Big Bang.

Are we a “chance accident or were we put in just the right place intentionally?” Is humanity “just the luck of the draw, or was something picking and choosing these outcomes?”

Questions like these are asked and answered leading the reader through the argument that God Is.

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